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The Slovenian Holiday Park – SiPark – is first all-round and the year-round visitor attraction in the European Union. Its 30 ha will offer a great day out both for discerning adults and for the whole family: entertainment, education, culture, sports, recreation, wellness … Accommodation and camping facilities, as well as great opportunities for various outdoor pursuits, will cater for those in search of adrenaline pastimes and those wishing to be pampered in a spa. The fact that part of the grounds will be left untouched by landscape architects is an additional boon to the outdoor lovers.
The SiPark is also the starting point for the tours of the unspoilt area protected under Natura 2000, a network of nature conservation areas, and of the habitats of the Krakovo Forest. The region’s topography with sunny hillsides nurture long stretches of grapevines and the local wine is protected with the mark of a recognized traditional denomination Such a diversity of attractions is set to attract some 40 million visitors living in the 500 km radius and make it a financially viable project.

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